Our Logo

Baked in Bosnia Logo
  • The logo's shape is defined by the ring of a coffee cup stain.
  • The top third of the logo is a map of Southern Europe, with Bosnia highlighted.
    • The blue and yellow used are the official colors of the Bosnian flag.
    • The tiny white dots used to highlight Bosnia aren't dots at all — they are hearts. The Heart of Europe is Bosnia's nickname due to the shape of the country, and the big hearts of Bosnian people.
    • The middle third is an adaption of our original logo: the spiral O represents pita.
    • 🏳️‍🌈 The rainbow underline represents that we draw the line at acceptance for all — everyone is welcome at our establishments. This includes, but is not limited to two groups often represented by a rainbow:
      • LGBTQ+
      • Neurodiversity & autism — Mama and Daddy love you Celine!
  • The bottom third of the logo is the Seattle skyline, with the Space Needle centered. The space needle is haloed by a bird's eye view of a Džezva, the copper coffee pot used to brew Bosnian coffee.
  • The signature for the logo isn't a signature. It's the skyline of Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia.