Coffee — Our Journey to Superior Coffee

Since Baked in Bosnia's inception in 2020 as a food popup, we dreamed of introducing Bosnian culture to the U.S. with food & drink as the gateway.

We believe that if people experience Bosnian food, then they will be curious to learn more about the culture and our beautiful people. Simply put, great food gets people talking. With more people knowing and loving Balkan culture, pieces of our culture will be preserved and cherished for generations to come.

In our eyes, food is first and kafa (coffee) is a close second.

Coffee excellence and enjoyment is a staple of Bosnian culture. When kafa comes out, life pauses. Time for family, friends, tranquility, and gossip emerges.

Inviting someone over for coffee in Bosnia is an experience. You'll be sipping and chatting for hours, soaking up that human connection and sense of community we all need.

Coffee has always been a part of my life. From watching my family huddle together around the džezva, to sneaking sips of coffee — and my younger aunts who let me drink it before I was supposed to. All the way to getting my American husband, Eric, hooked on the good stuff.

The pursuit of great coffee had begun!


We spent a full year researching and meeting with suppliers. But, above all, we drank a lot of coffee. We tested big name, little name, no name. We tested local roasting, international roasting, and grinds — so many grinds. We tested bean after bean after bean. We tested preparation methods, and we even did the little lick your finger and dip it in Turkish grind taste tests.

Superior Coffee

Our coffee journey led us to a family owned and operated roasting company in California. Through our collaboration, we bring you premium beans curated from around the world, and the freshest roasts offered online. They are a member of the Speciality Coffee Association, and the National Coffee Association.

Our supplier scours the globe to find the best single origin coffees available. This year they include: Bali, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia and beyond — freshly roasted coffee chosen for its profile, origin and benefit provide to the farmers that grow it.

We commend our supplier for their active philanthropy in Kenya, and we look forward to the growth ahead!