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We're dishing out Balkan inspired cuisine in the heart of Seattle, WA.

Chef Selma draws inspiration from her time in the Balkans, Germany, the Midwest, and now the PNW.

These are time intensive dishes made from scratch and quality ingredients, with the convenience of quick and easy curbside pickup.

Curbside Pickup Events

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Sun June 12th - Camp Agape NW Fundraiser - Sold Out!
Kifla Dog (halal)
Mushroom Pappardelle (vegetarian)
Sarma (not halal)
Sirnica (vegetarian) - Family Size 14"
Grah (not halal)
Kupus Salata (vegan)
Baklava (vegetarian)
Rose Lemonade (vegan)

How it works

1) You submit a pre-order.

2) Get a reminder text day of pickup.

3) Swing on by at your chosen time, and our greeter will run your food out -- fresh and hot!

Our Food

Traditional - Dishes that have been mastered over generations and were born from farm to table cooking. Americans will find the flavor palette is familiar, comforting, and the artisan textures are a unique experience.

Fusion - Elements from around the globe are combined with Balkan inspiration to create captivating dishes.

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